Re: [gardeners] Where I garden (
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 19:52:27 EST

Hello Gardeners,
I *try* to garden in Upstate South Carolina. We live 25 miles south of 
Greenville S.C, about 15 miles from the I 85 corridor(interstate).
My husband has been retired 6 years from the Retail business. I don't know if 
I have retired  or not since we moved here 25 years ago and I am still doing 
the same stuff I did before I moved and since.
We have 22 acres. A 20x40 greenhouse. We grow bedding plants and sell them at 
the local Flea Mkt's in the spring to help pay for the heating of the 
greenhouse in the Winter. We have a lot of plants each Spring..those we don't 
sell , and those I grow for my own garden. Those I don't sell are like when 
you are painting  a room etc. and have paint left try to find 
something else to it is with the plants I have left. Some years I 
have a lot of Marigolds, Salvia , and then again I sell all  of the plants I 
wanted to keep for myself and end up with something I didn't plan  to have 
just because I have it on hand and can't bring myself to throw it away!
We have a regular row vegetable garden. Grow  all the vegetables, beans, 
peas, tomatoes corn, Okra, Lima Beans and Cantalopes and Watermelons. Mostly 
we have more sucess
with Cantalopes and sweet potaotes. Fair  with tomatoes, never grow very 
large Watermelons and are fairly sucessful with the beans. Never have been 
able to grow Pumpkins and peanuts  with any  sucess. We also grow squash, and 
I grow Salvia, marigolds, Geraniums, Begonias, and petunias, Last year grew 
Burgmanise(sp?) from seed, not to sucessfully,  also expermint  with various 
other plants I often hear mentioned on this and the other Garden list.
Also have a lot of ferns, and container plants. So I must Garden on a fairly 
large that I look at what I have written!!:-)
Don't know how it will be this year. Husband is having very serious health 
problems, so we may not get to do very much gardening. 
The *TRY* to Garden I mentioned at the top of the list  means we have a lot 
of red clay, rocky soil. We would really like to try the raised beds. Just 
never have gotten around to it.
Enjoy this list. Especially Geroge's  post. All other's as well, but I do 
lurk most of the time.
Happy Gardening to all,
Marie (Upstate S.C.)