[gardeners] Anybody out there?

Tall Girl (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 09:20:10 -0800 (PST)

Count me another lurker, although a fairly recent one.
 I recently moved back to northwest Florida
(Pensacola) and bought a tiny house with a small yard.
 With all the other things on my mind, I haven't even
begun to work on the yard - I want the fire ants gone
first - they hurt!  The yard is a mess, and I've been
told I'll have to completely kill everything before I
can begin to rejuvenate it, and that tires me out just
to think of it.  The oak tree, azaleas, camelias and
boxwood all look fine, but I'll have to move most of
the more tender shrubs to new locations.  They were
just ignored.  I haven't heard a nice thing yet about
the large dying sycamore in the front yard.  The only
saving grace I see is that the woodpeckers like the
dead wood up top.  
I have some seeds started for a small salsa garden
this summer; Sunmaster and Matt's Red Cherry Tomatoes;
various hot & green peppers, and I'm excited to say my
lettuce has already germinated!  Because our soil is a
barren sand, I'll be planting most things in sunken 5
gal. paint buckets that I've been collecting.  I'm
told that is one of the only ways to be successful
growing veggies here.  I have my compost pile started,
and I've even "stolen" leaves and grass clippings from
neighbors to help feed it, but it's still small.  I
did find my first red wiggler worm in it, so I'm happy
about that.  
Thanks for listening, I'll go back to lurking now. . .

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