Re: [gardeners] Where I garden

George Shirley (
Fri, 04 Feb 2000 10:31:07 -0600 wrote:
> Hello all. Has anyone mentioned gardening in the mid west? Well that is where
> I try to garden. We have very heavy clay soil here and the summers can turn
> into dry ones very quickly. I have only been gardening for about 4 years. And
> of course as a novice in the beginning I made a lot of mistakes along the way
> which of course I am now paying for :) Did not amend the soil first and of
> course I have never had a plan to work with. When I moved into this house it
> had nary a flower to its name. Can you imagine a yard with no flowers? Unlike
> George I'm not a veggie lover(wish I was) but my husband loves them so I try
> to grow a few for him. My main intrest is perennials and herbs. I belong to
> several garden clubs locally and call myself a frugal gardener since I get
> most of my plants thru swaps or at the plant sale we hold for very reasonable
> amounts :)
> Kris P  IL

You're doing better than Miz Anne, she tends to "lift" flowers she
wants. Term she learned from an old family friend. Mrs. Murphy found a
flower she liked she "lifted" it, ie either dug it up out of a ditch or
off a vacant lot or pinched a cutting off of it. I've found very few
things my lovely wife can't grow from a cutting. Got a kitchen window
sill full of glasses with cuttings in them now.