[gardeners] Frost on the punkin

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 05 Feb 2000 12:29:46 -0600

It's still the middle of winter here in SW Louisiana. It actually got
down to 31F last night and we had a little frost on the roof. I'm so
ready for an early spring it hurts to think about it. Did I ever tell
y'all how much I hate cold weather?  I really do not care for any temps
below about 55F.

The tomato seedlings are about 6 inches tall now and I've got the fan
blowing on them now. Twice a day I rotate the tray so the wind comes
from a different direction. Peppers and eggplant are about 2 inches tall
but, then, they're hot weather plants so will be a little slower.

Had to open up the greenhouse about 12 noonish as the interior temp was
pushing 100F already. Doesn't take that ol' sun long to warm it up in
there. Gave all the plants a nice drink of water and rotated them so
they won't lean one way or the other. Pollinated the pepper and tomato
plants with a cotton swab and checked all the other plants for worms,
bugs, and other vermin. Found where the mouse Sleepy has been keying on
lives. Under one corner of the greenhouse there's a little mouse tunnel.
Put some bait where the mouses could get it but the dog couldn't and
that will solve the problem in a day or two. Had contemplated getting
out the deer rifle and solving the problem but the neighbors might
object to the noise. If I could scare the mouse out into the open Sleepy
would have some fun and the mouse wouldn't be around any more. She takes
her title of Boss Rat Terrier serious.

Made a big pot of chili yesterday so think I'll call some friends over
to help eat it this evening. Tasted okay but needed a little zip so
added a couple of dashes of ground up Thai Hot to it. Just right now.