Re: [gardeners] Where I garden

George Shirley (
Sat, 05 Feb 2000 08:25:52 -0600

penny x stamm wrote:
> That's a funny thing, George. Last Wednesday I decided to cut back
> all my rapidly growing cuttings so they would thicken up, and I could
> not bear to throw away the refuse!  I have ABSOLUTELY no room for
> any more pots, having already over a hundred, so who is kidding
> whom..?  In the end I saved two fistfuls, just enough to crowd into two
> Old Fashioned glasses, and I have them now parked on the kitchen
> counter. Of course, the windowsills are totally full -- there are 12 pots
> up there, overflow from the propagation room. I even have one parked
> on top of the coffee maker to get the light! But I NEVER put my new
> cuttings in the bright light -- I don''t want the water and the leaf
> stems
> to pick up the green slime..  I change the water daily, and it takes
> about 2 weeks for the roots to start forming.
> Haven't you had any problem with the light...?  I'd be interested to
> know..
> Penny, NY  --  more snow -- but then, what did I expect...??
Nope, it's a west window and the late afternoon sun can come right in so
we keep the blinds closed on it except for the morning hours. That way
the cuttings get the light they need without heating up. I also changed
my kitchen lights to fluorescent in 1990. There are two lights with 2
fluorescent tubes in each. Two years ago I put a kitchen and bath tube
in each one and the other is a cool white. Ergo, grow lights in the
kitchen! Didn't work they way it was supposed to though, I'm still only
5 foot seven.