Re: [gardeners] Where I garden

penny x stamm (
Sat, 5 Feb 2000 00:58:51 -0500

That's a funny thing, George. Last Wednesday I decided to cut back
all my rapidly growing cuttings so they would thicken up, and I could
not bear to throw away the refuse!  I have ABSOLUTELY no room for 
any more pots, having already over a hundred, so who is kidding
whom..?  In the end I saved two fistfuls, just enough to crowd into two 
Old Fashioned glasses, and I have them now parked on the kitchen 
counter. Of course, the windowsills are totally full -- there are 12 pots
up there, overflow from the propagation room. I even have one parked 
on top of the coffee maker to get the light! But I NEVER put my new
cuttings in the bright light -- I don''t want the water and the leaf
to pick up the green slime..  I change the water daily, and it takes
about 2 weeks for the roots to start forming. 

Haven't you had any problem with the light...?  I'd be interested to

Penny, NY  --  more snow -- but then, what did I expect...??

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