Re: [gardeners] Frost on the punkin

George Shirley (
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 07:55:17 -0600 wrote:
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> << It's still the middle of winter here in SW Louisiana. It actually got
>  down to 31F last night and we had a little frost on the roof. I'm so
>  ready for an early spring it hurts to think about it. Did I ever tell
>  y'all how much I hate cold weather?  I really do not care for any temps
>  below about 55F. >>
> George,
> I am with you, only my cold level peaks at about 60*F.  That is one reason we
> keep coming back to FL.  I love it hot.  We got down into the 30's last
> night, way to cold for me.  I can only hope the beans I planted out in the
> garden this week will make it.  They had not broken the surface yet so the
> soil will protect them, I hope.
> I should have planted the peas first, but first I have to go out and find
> seed.  Can you believe that we do not get our seed supply any earlier than
> those up north do?  I could not plant any broccoli this winter, as the seed
> was already gone and none would or could come in, even at my favorite
> nursery.  They said they had to wait till the seed companies shipped in Feb.
> Then I can put in peas, more spinach and maybe get a couple of broccoli
> plants going before it gets to hot out there.  I haven't started tomatoes
> yet.  They will get direct seeded after Feb 15, but only if I can get a few
> more bags of compost dug in.  Can you believe they ran out of that too?  I
> will be headed to Home Depot to get mine this year.
> Anne in FL
> zone 9b, sunset 26
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Yeah, I can believe all those things. Our local nursery ran out of bush
Kentucky Wonder seed and then closed. New one opened up but only carries
decorative stuff. This year all my spring seed was ordered over the net
from various companies. I really prefer Pinetree Seeds but had to use
Henry Fields this year to get some specific seed I wanted. Been at least
25 years since I ordered from Fields, don't know why it took so long,
but am very happy with the orders timeliness, the courtesy of their
people, and the prices. Disclaimer: I do not work for Henry Fields, I'm
just a satisfied user.