Re: [gardeners] Frost on the punkin

margaret lauterbach (
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 13:58:50 -0700

Ann, we have fresh seed in Boise, Id. in racks, and have had for at least a
week, maybe earlier. I'd not shop at places who have employees that lie
like that.  Margaret L

>I am with you, only my cold level peaks at about 60*F.  That is one reason
>keep coming back to FL.  I love it hot.  We got down into the 30's last 
>night, way to cold for me.  I can only hope the beans I planted out in the 
>garden this week will make it.  They had not broken the surface yet so the 
>soil will protect them, I hope.  
>I should have planted the peas first, but first I have to go out and find 
>seed.  Can you believe that we do not get our seed supply any earlier than 
>those up north do?  I could not plant any broccoli this winter, as the seed 
>was already gone and none would or could come in, even at my favorite 
>nursery.  They said they had to wait till the seed companies shipped in
>Then I can put in peas, more spinach and maybe get a couple of broccoli 
>plants going before it gets to hot out there.  I haven't started tomatoes 
>yet.  They will get direct seeded after Feb 15, but only if I can get a few 
>more bags of compost dug in.  Can you believe they ran out of that too?  I 
>will be headed to Home Depot to get mine this year.  
>Anne in FL
>zone 9b, sunset 26
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