Re: [gardeners] seeds,Frost on the punkin

Kathy Kennedy (
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 10:41:17 -0600

Ann, Margaret, Seana,
We have fresh seed (packed for 2000) in Missouri, too.

Margaret, why assume the employees were lying?  Maybe the people at the
store who take care of the seed order arranged for the seed to be delivered
in Feb., and it won't come any sooner for that reason. Maybe Ann's favorite
nursery orders from a different company, with ship dates that aren't the
same as other companies.  Whatever, there are  several possibilities to
consider before accusing people of lying.

In hindsight, if Ann wants to  plant peas next year, maybe she should mail
order the seed ahead of time, just to be sure.

--Kathy in Missouri, zone 5, clear and warm

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Subject: Re: [gardeners] Frost on the punkin

> Anne, we've had fresh seed for a couple weeks in Denver, Co too.
> Seana
> Ann, we have fresh seed in Boise, Id. in racks, and have had for at least
> week, maybe earlier. I'd not shop at places who have employees that lie
> like that.  Margaret L
>  >I should have planted the peas first, but first I have to go out and
>  >seed.  Can you believe that we do not get our seed supply any earlier
>  >those up north do?  I could not plant any broccoli this winter, as the
> seed
>  >was already gone and none would or could come in, even at my favorite
>  >nursery.  They said they had to wait till the seed companies shipped in
> Feb.
>  >