Re: [gardeners] Panty hose idea #15, need .02

Allen Merten (
Fri, 3 Mar 2000 02:45:18 -0600

Hi Margaret,
    I was very surprised to read that you can by used panty hose at thrift
shops. I was under the impression that panty hose would fit in the same
category as used underwear of what ever gender. I didn't think that used
undies (excepting bras) could be sold.
    Judy and I, our son-in-law and daughter, all shop at thrift shops,
especially Goodwill. We refer to Goodwill as GW's, when discussing shopping
there. (;-}
    The difference in the Goodwill stores in Texas City and Galveston (Back
Home), and the GW's in Austin and Round Rock is unbelievable. "Back Home"
the stores were ratty as was the  merchandise. I would to buy used clothes
for work, that's about all. The "GW's" are nice and clean. The merchandise
is nearly new or still has the price tags attached. We buy "good clothes" at
GW's. Judy and Tracy both work in offices. They can buy clothes, coats,
purses, etc. that look new and stylish (Gucci's, etc.) at surprisingly low
    Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
    Zone 8