[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 04 Mar 2000 20:39:47 -0600

This morning we pulled two of the 8 foot railroad ties out of the garden
edge. They were both well rotted so were no problem to take out and haul
to the curb. We then dug out some of the dirt that had drifted from the
garden under the ties and started placing cinder blocks in the place of
the timbers. The ground is so dry it takes a bit to get the dirt up. I
had tied a string from point A to point B and am striving mightily to
keep the blocks even. 

The dirt removed is going back into the holes in the blocks and will
have flowers and herbs planted in them and maybe onions and garlic plus
other comestibles as well.

We also managed to get all the winter leaves and oak tassels out of the
rain gutters on the house. The leaves and tassels went out to mulch the
raspberries and boysenberries. Those tassels make good mulch, take a
long time to rot and tend to entwine together making a week proof mat
that water will go through. At least they're useful to us as well as to
the oak trees.

Tomorrow we will pull the rest of the winter carrots and probably will
can the lion's share of them. Still three heads of cabbage out there and
some neighbors are gonna get lucky. 

The Louisiana beardless iris, both bronze, and purple with a yellow
throat are blooming. The yellow flags won't be long as they are budding
up and we are awaiting the arrival of the red iris we dug out of a ditch
last year. I think I saw a bud stem coming up today. We have another
iris that we aren't sure of the color on yet. A friend of Miz Anne's
gifted us with it but she couldn't remember the color as she's not much
of a gardener. The buds, so far, are a pale lavender so we'll just have
to wait.

Was working in the herb garden today and brushed up against the lemon
tree several times. The citrus odor of the blossoms was most welcome and
I noted another couple of lemons are about ready to pick.

Gotta go into town tomorrow and find some super phosphate for my
blueberries and the hydrangeas. They do well when fed a couple of cups
of the stuff in the spring and then again six weeks later. Think I'll
look up what I need to feed the fruit trees before I leave tomorrow
though. Can't remember the formulation off the top of my head so best
look it up.

I'm a wee bit tired so think I will go shower and join Miss Sleepy Dawg
in well-earned rest. Miz Anne's watching "Shakespeare in Love" so reckon
she'll be busy for awhile. I'm reading Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld
series again so I'll be happy until I doze off. I do like having the
whole pack together in the den here. <VBG>

Life is good.