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<< We also managed to get all the winter leaves and oak tassels out of the
 rain gutters on the house. The leaves and tassels went out to mulch the
 raspberries and boysenberries. Those tassels make good mulch, take a
 long time to rot and tend to entwine together making a week proof mat
 that water will go through. At least they're useful to us as well as to
 the oak trees. >>

Hmm, George,
Your oaks are already done tasseling?  Ours haven't started yet.  Maybe a 
different species of oak?  Heck ours haven't lost their leaves yet.  The 
mammoths oaks we have don't loose their leaves until the new ones push them 
off.  Then they tassel and make a real mess of our pool.  For a full 3 weeks 
we fight off the leaves and tassels.  They can mess up the pool pump in a 
matter of hours.  Most around here put screens around the pool, almost makes 
it worth the extra cost.  Problem is to screen the pool two of those trees 
would have to come down.  That is not something I am willing to do.

Anne in FL
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