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Mon, 06 Mar 2000 09:58:36 -0600

bsk wrote:
> George are the trees close to any electric lines? There have been times around here
> when we needed to take trees down close to the road and were afraid it would hit the
> electric lines. We called the electric company and they trimmed enough off that we
> could down the tree without any damage being done.
>       Sometimes all it takes is some whittling off and then the average person can
> handle the rest with care.
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> > The two pin oaks in the back are going to have to come down. The ice
> > storm in January 1997 damaged them enough that they still haven't made a
> > full recovery. Noticed patches of bark coming off up high this spring.
> > Oh me, don't mind taking them down but they're so close to the house
> > (actually overhanging the roof) that it will have to be done by
> > professionals and that's expensive. Talked to my insuror but their
> > attitude is that they will pay up after the trees fall and crush the
> > house. Looks like it would be cheaper for them to take the trees out
> > first.
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> > George
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Not these babies, they're in the back, well away from the powerlines.
Both lean over the house with limbs up to 12 inches in diameter. Someone
with a crane will have to come in and take the tops out and then lift
out the trunks in pieces. They're within 10 feet of the house and were
the main cause of about $4K in damage in the ice storm in January 1997.
If they were further away I could take them down myself, having done
that on many occasions.