Re: [gardeners] Re:Saturday in the garden

Carol J. Bova (
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 11:43:55 -0800

I enjoy hearing the dog stories, esp. what they like to nibble in the garden!

At work, we rescued a starving dog 3 years ago, and he recently was retired 
to our home. He's part lab and part Rott about 9 years old, absolutely 
devoted to us, and amazingly intelligent. But he hates cats and squirrels. 
I think he puts them in the same class as rats and 'possums, which he kept 
out of the cemetery, usually by dispatching them and leaving them on the 
doorstep for us.

When Erff goes out in the yard, he goes on cat patrol and faithfully marks 
the fencelines daily, but that doesn't bother the cats in the least. We 
have a number of roving neighborhood felines (without collars and tags) who 
think my pots on the porch and patio are porta-potties! (They squirrels 
seem to have enough sense to stay in the neighbor's yards or in the 
trees.)  I believe several neighbors put out food for the cats and they 
squeeze through my fence on one side of the yard and climb up the chain 
link and jump over on the other. I'm afraid that one day, he's goin to 
catch one inside the yard and do away with it.  Anyone have any advice on 
getting the cats to detour around the yard?

         in Sunland CA where it's almost raining cats & dogs

At 12:13 PM 2/12/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>My pit Luke has a bad habit of hiking his leg up on my pot plants outside 
>making them stink. I watch him close and when he has that look I fuss at 
>him and tell him no. He looks at me like, well ok, I forgot, then goes 
>somewhere else. After a while he will
>saddle up to something look to see if I notice and see what he can get 
>away with. Poor boy is just battling instinct! LOL