Re: [gardeners] George's garden

George Shirley (
Tue, 07 Mar 2000 10:50:46 -0600

Tall Girl wrote:
> George, I love to read what you've been up to in your
> LA garden.  What kind of lemon tree have you had
> success with?  I'm plotting my summer garden now, and
> would love to put in a lemon of some type (I'm in
> Pensacola).

We have a Ponderosa lemon, it sets fruit year round in my Zone 9b garden
and probably would do the same in yours. Right now it has fruit
ripening, fruit just starting to show, and many blossoms. Probably
pretty easy to find in your area. The lemons can get up to 3 lbs and as
big as a large softball.

We once lived on a sand heap in Saudi Arabia and beefed up the sand with
lots and lots of compost. Didn't take to long to get it where it would
hold water and produce flowers and vegetables.

> So far, I've only managed to remove two small dying
> trees that were barely alive and taking up the only
> workable piece of yard.  Now I'm ready to try to beef
> up my porous sand to make something plants will grow
> well in.
> Kendra
George, who is gonna plant the spring garden this afternoon