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<< Oh me, don't mind taking them down but they're so close to the house
 (actually overhanging the roof) that it will have to be done by
 professionals and that's expensive. Talked to my insuror but their
 attitude is that they will pay up after the trees fall and crush the
 house. Looks like it would be cheaper for them to take the trees out >>

Now that you have talked to the insuror, you have let them know that you know 
about the problem.  Therefore, they can refuse payment if you do wait for 
them to fall.  It is called maintenance.  Yep, if you know about a problem 
that could escalate into a bigger one they can refuse to pay.  

My parents had a huge tree removed from their back deck (they had built the 
deck around it).  The trunk was over 3.5 ft across.  A side branch that hung 
over the house was about 1.5 ft across.  Took two cranes to cut that branch 
and swing it away from the house.  The parents were lucky they decided to pay 
the money.  The center of the branch and trunk were already rotten and 
cracking on the inside.  One good windstorm could have brought the whole 
thing down.  Two cranes were necessary to keep it from swinging into another 

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