Re: [gardeners] Bastrop county gardening

penny x stamm (
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 01:42:48 -0500

Allen, sounds as if you got an awful lot done in the
garden! You must be trying to keep up with George..<g>..
And I see that you're using MY favorite table-tops, the
5-gallon pails -- great!  You haven't said that you're
aching any more than usual, so I am hoping in your
behalf. You probably plant more than anybody I can
think of -- it must take extra time later on, either canning 
or freezing much of it.

Today Jimmie could not be stopped. While I was out at
the foot doctor's, he rushed down to buy 5 gallons of
gasoline, came back and started up the rototiller, and
churned up all the soil for the veggie garden.  It was
about 60 degrees, which is HOT for us, and so it was 
wonderful to come home and see him working away
and soaking wet, grinning like a cheshire cat. 

The foot doctor:  what a problem!  It seems that when my
crushed ankle was completely rebuilt, I ended up with two
hammer toes. This means that two toes arch up into the air,
unnaturally. Of course it also means that a person then is 
walking on his toe-tips, something nature had not intended. 
So the tips callous, the nails grow and interfere, and what 
is left is a permanent fight between them, and an inability
to walk properly. 

Two weeks ago I found a treatment to try: the doctor fashions
a small bolster to sling under those two toes, so they will be
flattened out. It's not 100% comfortable, but the toes no longer
pain me!  What a miracle.....   I'll have to wear this for the rest
of my life (or have bone surgery) but it's well worth it.  And I am
glad to report that something good has happened....!  

We don't start planting until Memorial Day.  Seems as if it will
NEVER come. Oh yes, lettuce and radishes can go in, in a few
weeks. It may have been 60* today, but by this weekend, it 
will return to 28* at night.....

Penny, NY 

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