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<< We're in zone 9B as well, SF Bay Area and we put those little clear 
 lights on the citrus and avocados this year and they weren't harmed at all 
 the frosts!  We have 20 citrus from the temperamental Variegated Pink Eureka 
 to the tender Kaffir Lime (Magroot). >>

Here in our zone 9b we also put those fairy lights into the citrus to keep 
them frost free.  We discovered it one Christmas that we strung them through 
the tree out front for the holiday.  Ours was the only tree in the 
neighborhood that did not suffer frost damage.  Most of the rest had to be 
cut back severely or cut down.  Now it is kind of fun to have the only 
decorated back yard as this house has no citrus out front.

I am currently looking to get one of those tempermental Variegated Pink 
Eureka trees.  I found a supplier, but they are a 2.5 hour drive away.  I am 
hoping to get there this week during spring break.  Plus one of my tangelo 
trees is getting blossoms for the very first time!  It was planted 3 years 
ago and is finally at home enough to give fruit.  The tree is now 5 years 
old, should I let it fruit or pull them off as I did on the others for the 
first few years?  

Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

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