[gardeners] Tuesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 11:04:14 -0600

Went out this morning and discovered a major infestation of aphids in
the greenhouse. Hauled the bigger plants out and hosed the aphids into
oblivion and then decided to fumigate the entire greenhouse. Now I have
aphids! Felt something crawling on my arm a bit ago and it was a big,
fat, aphid. Oh well, guess it's better than having fleas or lice, at
least aphids shower off. Meantime the greenhouse is sealed for the next
two hours and, hopefully, no more aphids. First time I've ever had a
major infestation of aphids.

Checked everything in the gardens and no aphids outside, guess they
liked the sheltered greenhouse best. I have a tiny Ichiban eggplant
growing now, the fruit that is, and the tomatoes are starting to set
fruit. The Thai Hot chiles that lived outside over the winter are
covered with tiny chiles now so guess I'll be starting my next crock of
hot sauce about 3 months earlier than last year. 

The peach tree is finally in bloom and, for its second year in the
ground, it looks like a lot of blooms. Planted the thing in February
1999 and harvested 4 peaches off of it in April 1999. Was 3 feet tall
when planted and is now 10 feet tall. Takes less than 150 chilling hours
to set fruit. This specific variety is called Floraglo and, I think, was
developed in Florida. 

The raspberries have started blooming and the boysenberries are setting
fruit. Blueberries are in full bloom and should be setting fruit soon.
The peach colored amaryllis we salvaged from a trash pile last year has
opened its first bloom for us and is beautiful. Peach color with a white
throat and blossoms about 5 inches in diameter. Looks like 3 more bloom
stalks in it with at least 3 buds per stalk. Swapped for a red and white
candy striped one this morning. Stopped at a house down the street and
cut a deal with the gentleman who lives there, one of our fancies for
one of his red and whites. His has blooms about 5-6 inches in diameter
and he says they have been bigger.

Gotta go, someone just drove up, might be someone wanting to swap