[gardeners] Iris

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 25 Mar 2000 07:56:57 -0600

Got up this morning to find the ditch iris we rescued last year was
blooming. It is a (this is Miz Anne's description, I don't even know
what mauve is) "mauvy red". It certainly looks red to me. There is a bed
of bronze LA beardless nearby so I could compare the two colors and
there is a dramatic difference.

Now we have LA beardless in yellow, deep purple with a yellow throat,
pale lavender, pale purple (a little deeper color than the lavender)
bronze, and red.

The big amaryllis are blooming too, 3 to 5 blooms on each stalk and the
blooms are 5 to 7 inches across. These along with the striped and pale
orange and deep orange amaryllis make a nice display. 

Get this, we still have poppies blooming plus violas and pansies. Never
had all of these different plants blooming at the same time before.
Generally the poppies fade out at the first sign of warm weather and
then the violas and pansies closely follow. Reckon our cool nights, 60F,
are doing the job.

I'm gonna pick a bunch of swiss chard today and water the potted plants.
Miz Anne done gone off to Beaumont, TX to an art show and sale so it's
just me and Sleepy today. We have tomatoes on the Early Large Pink and
the Burbanks that are as big as the end of my thumb. All the other
plants are blooming well too.