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Thu, 30 Mar 2000 15:48:14 EST

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> Don't worry, it ain't gonna get me down. I might need some help getting
>  out there one of these days. But I still got my green thumbs, and callus' 
>  my knees. (;-}

You have such a positive attitude.  Good luck with all this.  Have you begun 
putting in any raised beds?  I know of many who garden from wheelchairs with 
raised beds and pots on low shelves.  Those with the least movement seem to 
get the most joy out of being able to keep gardening, but even those who can 
still bend and reach find happiness.  It may take time, but putting in one 
raised bed a year will be easier than all at once, and still give lots to 
look forward too.  
Prayers for you,

Anne in FL
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