[gardeners] gardening in Fredericksburg

Steve Nearman (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 2 Apr 2000 14:47:40 -0400

From: "Penny Nielsen" <NIELSENP@gov.ns.ca>
>So now I think DH will have another garden to till each spring.  But, that's
>what good neighbours are for.  And they reciprocate in so many other ways...

Reminds me of a saying my father use to say "You don't need a garden. Just make
friends with folks that have a garden."  His philosophy was, that if you had a
bumper crop year, so did everybody and there was lots of extras to share. If it
was a bad year, no one got what they needed for themselves and there was
nothing to share. His conclusion was, why plant at all? If its a good year you
don't need to plant because all your friends will keep you in fresh veggies
anyway. If its a bad year you did a lot of work for nothing just like everybody
else. As you can imagine, he was not much of an encouragement in my early
gardening years, that is to say unless I had a "good" year.

Have not posted for a long time. Been busy helping my wife get her wild game
recipe site up and running, up-grading my site (bought a digital camera) with
photos, starting seeds, doing home repairs and helping my oldest son learn and
start his furniture restoration business. Did take time last weekend to visit
the river with my youngest son (14). Was thinking of getting a dip net license
to catch the herring for planting in the garden. But took a fall on the rocks
and almost went for a swim. Lost my glasses, got a few scrapes on left arm and
a large goose egg on my right leg. Still limping a little.

Had our first asparagus of the season yesterday for lunch. It was some kind of
good!! Don't usually get it this early but the mild winter and early spring
like weather has set most every thing in motion. The wind and sun have dried
the soil enough to plant some today. Setting out broccoli, cabbage,
cauliflower. The garlic is doing great. Over a 14" tall. Weeded the rows
yesterday. Oh it feels so good to put around in the garden, getting your hands
dirty, smelling the soil, warm sun on your back and a gentle cool breeze. This
is the life!


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