Re: [gardeners] gardening in Fredericksburg

Allen Merten (
Sun, 2 Apr 2000 15:43:13 -0500

    We have a Fredericksburg here in Texas. A fine old German settlement
with Octoberfests and Wurstfests, etc. They grow some fine peaches there
    I had taken it for granted that you were in that Fredericksburg. Taking
your son down to the river to catfish, now that's a fine Dad.
    Then I caught the dip net license. Huh? When you started talking about
planting Herrings in the garden, I knew that I had made a mistake. (;-}
    I got to tap into your storehouse of chili knowledge. I planted Anchos
and Pablanos only to find out in one catalogue that they are the same
pepper. I have Ancho-101, Habaneros, Pablanos, Anaheim TMR 23, and Jalapeno
M. Sweet peppers: Bertha, Ivory and Jupiter Bell, Sweet Banana and
Cubanelles. I will visit your website today.
    We picked our first bunches of green onions, a head of cabage, and
several heads of broccoli. The onions are wonderfully sweet, mild, and
    We have been under severe thunderstorm watches and warnings, tornado
watches, flash flood watches since Friday. We have managed to dodge the
severe weather. No hail or damaging winds, just light rain accumilated to
    Spring weather has mostly been just what you could have wished for. We
are several 10ths ahead of average rainfall, for the month. Can you imagine?
    Happy Gardening,
    Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
    Wildscape #1071