[gardeners] Weather report

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 03 Apr 2000 09:08:56 -0500

Got blasted out of a sound sleep at about 5 am this morning by a
tremendous clap of thunder and the lightening bolt that went with it.
Following that there were strong winds and the deluge came. It finally
quit thundering, lightening, wind blowing, and rain failing about 7:30.
My rain gauge blew over so had to go by a bucket I had left out. Luckily
the bucket was wedged in my garden wagon so it didn't blow away. If I
can believe the amount in the bucket we got between 3 and 4 inches in
that 2.5 hour time period. Amazingly enough nothing was destroyed in the
gardens. Oh, the poppies laid over but they will come back. A shepherd's
crook with a basket of begonias on it also laid over but I stomped it
back into some firmer ground and it's okay.

Sure need the rain but not so much in such a short time. Believe it or
not, there is no standing water anywhere on the place or in the street.
I think we're getting closer to getting off of severe drought state.

Today is heavily overcast and damp so don't think there will be much
gardening. That's okay because a neighbor brought me enough mayhaw fruit
yesterday to make a nice batch of jelly. Can make some regular for the
family and some low-sugar for me. I cooked the fruit down yesterday and
then rain them and the juice through my squeezer/strainer and got some
really nice looking reddish-orange juice. Got plenty of pectin and the
big stainless pot is ready. I'm off to the kitchen.


Oh yeah, got 8 trays of herbs I dried yesterday that need putting away
too. It was rosemary pruning time on Sunday and the leaf celery badly
needed cutting.