Re: [gardeners] Weather report

penny x stamm (
Tue, 4 Apr 2000 01:16:57 -0400

Oh dear, George,  mayhaw is in the same boat as dewberry.

What is it?
Grey skies make me feather my nest. 

Your storm -- or its kissing cousin -- is due to start in one more
hour. We are promised 24 hrs of horror, with thunder storms, 
torrential rain and high winds. How come they don't call it a
I was hard pressed to find a parking space for all the food I had
been fixing . . .  Along with the 3  1/2gallons of O.J., the 6 qt pot of 
beans had to go in the fridge, since I did not like the ham hocks I 
had bought today and couldn't finish it. But then, where could I put 
the big Tupperware container of  Chinese cabbage salad which 
would have to marinate for 4 days...?  I carried it outside to the 
front porch (which is sheltered), but then I realized that this is the 
favorite haunt of the spiders, and it gave me  the creeps. I brought 
it to the back porch, only I knew that the storm winds would blow it 
right down onto the rose bed, so that was no  good. Took out my 
Bungie Cord with which to tie the darned thing  to the bannister, 
only it was too short. Brought  it downstairs to the trunk of the car, 
where it would be safe from predators and storms, and finally left 
it there. Whew...!  

Penny, NY

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