Re: [gardeners] gardening in Fredericksburg

Steve Nearman (
Mon, 3 Apr 2000 23:30:07 -0400


I found out the TX Fredericksburg about a year ago, saw it in a post somewhere.
Have sever close friends in the FTW/Dallas area. None of them got hit bad in
the big storms last week.

We do a good bit of cat fishing here also. There is a 22 ft dam just north of
Rt. 1. The water is still a little cold for good whisker fish right now, but we
can wade across all but the last 200 feet in the summer. The water flowing over
the dam has cut about a 2 ft wide X 3 ft deep trench in the rock bottom and the
cats like to hang out there. There has been a lot of talk about taken it down
so the fish can get up stream. Just can't figure out where to put the millions
of cubic yards of silt that has built up over the years. The dam was built
before the Civil War to 18 ft. Was increased some time in the early 1900's

There are several Chiles that go by different names. Mostly to identify between
fresh, dried or smoked and also regional name differences too.


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