Re: [gardeners] bursitis relief

penny x stamm (
Thu, 6 Apr 2000 23:04:52 -0400

George, your VA medical center sounds right on the mark!  I'm
so happy that you already feel relief -- if you have the will 
power to do the exercises, you should retain this improvement
for a very long time . . .   

My hubby, Jimmie, has been -- well, I would say ripping some
diseased low junipers out of the ground which have a 15 year
foothold. There is a huge and beautiful dark crabapple tree 
spreading over the area.  His approach is to lop off the juniper
branches (which are interlocked in every direction) so he can
get a steel hook around the heart of each plant.  Of course, the
hook is attached to a steel wire with another hook at the opposite 
end which gets slipped into a towing hole under the car. The
idea is to back off the car, and drag the bush with you. It usually
does not work. I say that's because he has removed the branches
which would have forced the hook to get a secure hold. He says
nonsense!  Anyway, I've been driving the car backwards on
signal, but when I was not available today, Old Jim brought out
the pick-axe, and went to work.  Out came a bush, then another,
but uh-oh, there went a major root of the crabapple, and then 
another...... .. ..  and I could hear Jim moaning, "I think I'm 
developing tennis elbow!" 

The neighbors all come over to try to persuade Jim to hire some
help, but he won't hear of it for a minute. He tells them, "I eat like
a horse, I sleep like a log, and I'm only 78, so what's the rush...?"

George, I sure am glad you're feeling better!

Penny, NY 

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