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Fri, 14 Apr 2000 15:32:23 EDT

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<< With any luck we'll get some sunshine this weekend and we can get out
 into the gardens again. Hope all are having better days. >>

No George, we aren't having any better days here in S.C. The first of the 
week was so windy, everything that was/ and some that were blew away. Turned 
cold night before last. Yesterday Old man Winter came back for a visit. low 
40's all day with a brisk wind. Had to go  in to town  yesterday afternoon. 
Seemed strange to see no one at the Garden Centers, but a LOT of beautiful 
blooming annuals! 
Had frost here at our place on Sun. and Mon. night. Be late May before we get 
leaves on the Pecan trees around the house. The buds all got nipped/
Today is still cool..up to 54 now...and drizzling rain.
But then we always get these cold spells here...almost I recall 
*in the old days* my Mother would sometimes takes the coal/wood burning stove 
down around the 1st of April or when we had a  nice long warm Spring like 
spell...then it would turn off cold about now...we would have to huddle 
around the firplace or kitchen stove for warmth..thankfully it would only 
last a few days. Weather people are saying it should warm up by tommorow..I 
hope they are right!
Marie (upstate S.C.)