Re: [gardeners] A dreary Friday

Allen Merten (
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 15:20:36 -0500

Hi George,
    Weather is contrare over here in Texas. The sky is overcast but the
sunshine is soft and warm. A little cool early but pleasantly so. I would
appreciate days like this in late May through late October.
    Marie, you are getting what blew through here earlier in the week with
hail, damaging winds, and up to 2" of rain. We received the blessing of 2.1
inches of rain. No hail. I listened to the wind and rain beating up the
plants and trees until daylight, when I checked on the garden. A few tomato
plants, green beans and some corn were beaten down but they have all
recovered with no loss. No major limb or tree losses either.
    Thursday, I had the last of 3 epidural steroid injections. I have tried
to stay busy today, to work off the agitation that I have gotten from the
last two of the series. Repaired a couple of water hose connectors,
harvested 65 lbs of Rio Verde cabbage, prepared the rows for replanting
there of Paprika Peppers and Bingo tomatos. Boots, Buddy and I decided to
take a break from gardening chores to check out the sassy Fox Squirrel down
by the creek. While they were visiting with the squirrel, I admired the
cloud of butterflies in the wildflowers. I saw several species. I was
watching the butterflies, thinking about getting the butterfly book to
identify them when the fire ants attacked. They waited until they were about
pocket high before they bit. The attack was from ankle to hip. My hiking
boots, socks and blue jeans are laying on the front deck, waiting for the
ants to evacuate, while I nurse my wounds. (;-}
    I return now with fresh pants, socks, etc. to the great outdoors, to
enjoy the birds, butterflies, wildflowers, and of course the wonderful
    Hope all have a nice weekend. We are going to take Boots, Buddy, and
Tiger to the vet for booster shots Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon our
youngest grandson is bringing his parents from Round Rock to visit and show
us his latest performance before the photographer. Ryan has his own personal
garden tools that he lets Pa Pa keep for him. I will prepare them tonight
for inspection, by the General Inspector.
    Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
    Wildscape #1071
    Zone 8