Re: [gardeners] A dreary Friday

penny x stamm (
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 23:32:41 -0400

Allen, there's nothing finer than having a young grandson who
is interested in your gardening.. .  . 

How could I forget the time I asked my own young'un what he
would like to to bring back with me, for him to plant?

Without hesitation he told me, "Strawberries and mashed 

"Strawberries will be easy, " I answered, "but the mashed potatoes --
now that's a problem..."  We both knew that he was pulling my leg,
of course.

And so the next time we drove up to his house, I brought along 
3 Alsatian strawberry plants, which I knew were evergreen and 
would bear fruit all summer.  And I also brought a potato with 
several eyes. The strawberries lived for 5 years, happy with his
occasional waterings, but the potatoes never took hold, alas. .

Wish I could live it all over again. 

Penny, NY

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