Re: [gardeners] A dreary Friday

penny x stamm (
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 03:09:38 -0400

George, it does look as if Jimmie's eye doctor made a wrong
diagnosis. He has had none of the symptoms which you 
described, for one thing. So as of now, 2 other eye doctors I
called, plus our son-in-law (radiologist), plus the Internet, are
all pointing to TIAs, or mini-strokes. All they are asking of Jim
is to have an ultra-sound of his carotid artery on the left side
of his neck, and please start taking an aspirin a day. He will not
do either one.  Doesn't believe in doctors or medications.  He
says there's nothing wrong with him. At this point, I answered
him by saying ok, write me a note from Heaven saying that you
got there safely. 

Penny, NY

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