Re: [gardeners] A dreary Friday

penny x stamm (
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 03:02:50 -0400

Of course, Allen, my grandsons are 26 & 16, the big sum-total 
of what five kids will allow us. That's a bummer, cause we love 

But speaking of the dreary, I found Jimmie outside in the rain,
wearing his sweater wide open plus his good shoes, and what
was he doing...? He was raking the weed clumps out of the 
veggie garden.  I had lectured him rather forcefully earlier in the
morning that he must not walk on that soil while it is wet, or he will
clump it severely.  And there he was, reaching just as far as he
could with the steel rake, and carefully NOT stepping into the
soil . . .  A man that good needs to be rewarded, and so I lured
him back inside with a promise of some waffles. Interesting how
powerful the promise of food can be ...! 

My son-in-law was here with us for a few hours tonight, and he
remarked that while St.Louis, where they live,  has burst 
into riotous bloom, in contrast our area still looks like 4 weeks
behind schedule. I finally see my daffodils coming up -- this
is crazy~! 

Penny, NY 

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