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George Shirley (
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 17:10:08 -0500

No recipes needed Harry. I eat lots of protein, hardly any
carbohydrates. After losing the first 15 lbs I plateaued so added some
light exercise to the mix. I have to do exercises for my shoulders
anyway so added some deep knee bends, toe touching, and about 20 minutes
of Tai Chi every other day. I plateaued again at Easter. <VBG> Now I'm
dieting again. My carbs consist of light salads, green beans, carrots,
radishes, etc. No dried beans, no peas, no taters, no rice (sob), no
pasta, no bread. Every 10 or 12 days I come off the diet to eat some
carbs and satisfy that craving. Two days later I'm back on it. 

I'm feeling better, folks are commenting on the weight loss, and my
stamina has risen. I'm hoping blood pressure and blood sugar will
contine to drop to normal levels too.


Harry Boswell wrote:
> Hey George,
> How you doing that?  Send me your recipes!
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> Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 2:25 PM
> Subject: [gardeners] State of the belly address
> >Some of you may remember that I'm dieting and exercising some. The belly
> >has shrunk two full inches although I've only lost 18 lbs so far. I'm
> >back into my size 42 slacks, shooting for the 40's next month and the
> >38's the month after that.
> >
> >The beauty of all this is that I have more energy to spend in the garden
> >and don't fall asleep every other hour. Of course by 10 pm the pup and I
> >are both yawning so it's off to bed for us.
> >
> >Actually got up before dawn this morning and went off to the local race
> >track to do a safety meeting for one of my clients who is building some
> >facilities there. It was cool, crisp and beautiful at daylight. The
> >trainers were exercising the thorough breds and the sight of beautiful
> >animals doing sprints was a nice sight too. I hung around after the
> >meeting and shmoozed with some of the trainers I knew. Went on from
> >there to visit 4 other clients, my computer guru (gonna get a Read/Write
> >CD) and then to the medical clinic to check the records on an injured
> >employee of a client.
> >
> >Miz Anne and I went out for a salad and a baked chicken breast half and
> >enjoyed our time together. Home again to be greeted by Sleepy Dawg, who
> >is now napping. I'm out to hook up the soaker hoses as it still turrible
> >dry here.
> >
> >Life is good.
> >
> >George