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    We live next to a deer refuge that hosts a population of from 25 to 200+
white tailed deer.  For 25 years we have tried a myriad of "fool proof" deer
deterrents.  During that time we have lost a variety of trees, shrubs,
vegetables and perennial flower to rubbing and browsing by marauding deer.
3 years ago, we tried a single, 16 gauge wire, baited electric barrier and
despite an ever increasing deer population, our deer problems are over. The
barrier, which faces deer yarding areas and does not block our driveways is
inexpensive, inconspicuous and very effective.  Contact me off group if
interested in further details.

Chuck Hall
Iowa DNR

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> penny x stamm wrote:
> > George, do those veggies dehydrate satisfactorily simply by
> > leaving them open to the air on the kitchen counter?
> >
> > Do deer roam in your territory? I always thought of them as
> > cool weather animals . . .
> >
> > Penny, NY
> >
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> Good morning, Penny,
> Deer range all throughout our mountains in Southern California, as
> well,and regularly raid gardens during any season....but are
> particularly fond of roses, and of jumping into swimming pools in search
> of water during our long dry season.
> We inherited a half dozen roses from one of Vivian's colleagues who has
> a lovely home at the boundry of the Angeles National Forest, and who
> simply gave up trying to keep the deer from eating the blossoms. Even
> lion urine didn't work!
> Ron