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Carol J. Bova (
Thu, 11 May 2000 14:09:23 -0700

Ron Hay wrote:
> Good morning, friends,
> My zonal and regal geraniums are being devastated after a wonderfully
> robust start. I have sprayed them with Pyrethrin (sp?), and have not
> seen much reduction in bud destruction. I have just purchased some BT
> which I hope will help me out. How often should I apply it to keep the
> nasties down? Or should I stick with Pyrethrin and more frequent
> sprayings.?
> Both those in pots and those in the ground are having their lovely
> blooms chewed to ribbons.
> Ron
> Van Nuys, CA
> Ron

Hi Ron and Everyone,

According to the Univ of CA Santa Clara Master Gardeners site,
"...the pupa overwinters in the soil and emerges as the moth in April or
May. It lays one egg per bud, that after hatching the larvae feed on it
as it grows, eventually moving on to the rest of the plant. It takes on
the color of the plant it is eating. For heavy infestation try spraying
with Bacillus thuringiensis, pyrethrins, or Sevin. Repeat weekly until
no more damage is being done."

But they have it as happening in July! Guess our early hot weather got
them going earlier than usual? Or maybe that's the norm down here in
We're almost into the new home, this weekend will have us in completely.
Not too much garden time available up til now - most of it's been
weed-pulling so far!  I did get a cousin's housewarming gift into the
ground weekend before last: 3 tomato, 3 bush bean, 2 bush cucumber
plants, and 3 Queen Elizabeth roses. Put the veggies along the south
fence that borders the driveway, so they should get good sun. Sprinkled
some marigold seeds in between and they're starting to sprout. We're on
a mild slope and the yard's been raised up with a retaining wall so it's
level... puts low flowers at eye level and higher ones overhead for
people walking by.

My mums and rose and pineapple scented geraniums are blooming profusely.
And the pomegranate trees! Looks like the earliest blooms are already
setting fruit. I never saw such wild big red tropical looking flowers on
a tree like this! (Yes, I've lived a sheltered life. <G>) Both trees are
wildly overgrown, but I'll let them have one crazy season before trying
to tame them.

Well, gotta get moving again!
	Sunland, CA
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