[gardeners] Friday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 12 May 2000 10:13:39 -0500

Taking a break from the garden at the moment. Went out this morning and
picked another mess of Kentucky Wonder bush beans, ended up with 2
quarts snapped. Would have to check my journal but believe that's 8 or 9
quarts off a 24 foot row in about 2 weeks. 

Also picked a bucket full of NZ spinach, gonna cook that for supper
tonight along with some other stuff. Heading back out after my break to
harvest parsley, oregano, thyme, and leaf lettuce. Spotted another ripe
tomato while I was out there so will pick it too.

The cranberry beans are filling out and I am anxious to pick and eat
some of them to see how they taste. They are this years new veggie to
try and appear to be prolific and fast growing.

Have a few blueberries ripening and the boysenberries are producing more
each day. The raspberries are covered with green berries but nothing
ripe yet. If you're interested I grow Dorman Red raspberries, supposed
to be good for the south but not doing so well for me.

Have got to get out there and cut out and plant the rosemary limbs I
staked to the ground last fall. Looks like I will have 15 or 20 large
rosemary plants to pot up and have 3 baby ones, about 3 inches tall, in
the greenhouse that I grew from seed. My biggest and oldest rosemary
plant is now about 2.5 feet tall and about 4 feet around. Gonna have to
prune it back some or it's gonna take over. The other one is about 2
feet tall and about 2 feet around, it's a Tuscan Blue so I've been
watching it for blooms. The biggest one bloomed for the first time this
year and had pink blooms.

Life is good.