Re: [gardeners] Dead St. Augustine around oak

George Shirley (
Wed, 17 May 2000 13:38:20 -0500

Jeannine Kantz wrote:
> That makes sense. I wondered about something like that, since we have had
> some serious droughts these past couple of years and I know the yard was
> not a priority with the people who lived here before me. I don't think its
> a fungus because it coincides too exactly with the shape of the tree on
> both live oak trees. I'd like to see if feeding and watering will change
> things. Will try that first before resorting to fungicides.
> Thanks.
> At 11:36 AM 5/17/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >> I saw a similar message to this one from the 98 archives. My St Augustine
> >> is dying in a ring that coincides exactly with the dripline of my live oak
> >> trees. The trees have been there about 5 years. The grass is fine.
> >
> >I don't really know much about live oaks...but the most active feeder root
> >system for white oaks coincides with the dripline.  That's where we're
> >supposed to fertilize them ... and that's where the most intense competition
> >for resources would be.  That area would receive the most sun to dry out
> >plants, and it might make enough of a difference during droughts to cause
> >trouble for your grass...resulting in a dead ring around the live oak tree.
> >
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> Jeannine Kantz
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I'm in agreement with Barb since you described the exact dimensions. I think
you're moving in the right direction too. I would contact your county agent, if
you're in Texas they have a good system. Alternatively you can go to the Texas
A&M website and do a search for your specific problem. I would do that before I
move to fertilize or otherwise. We have been in drought conditions here in SW
Louisiana but I have seen nothing like what you're describing. My first thought
was maybe acid rain but that would affect the trees leaves too. Call that county
agent, that's what he/she is paid for.