Re: [gardeners] Friday in the garden

Ron Hay (
Sat, 20 May 2000 07:12:42 -0700

George Shirley wrote:

> Had to go over to the VA clinic this morning and give blood and urine for lab
> tests. Drove 84 miles round trip. My appointment was at 8 am and I got there at
> 7:45, walked up to desk, lady said come on and took me directly in to draw
> blood. Walked out at 8. Has never happened to me before, I had even brought a
> library book so I would have something to do while I waited. I am so pleased, I
> got home at 8:45 and hit the garden for a bit.
> We really had to wait until late this afternoon to do much as the temps were 90F
> with humidity at 96%, pretty hot. We pulled the cranberry beans, the vines were
> turning yellow and the bean pods were drying on the vine. I think they will do
> better as a fall planter here so will plant them again in September. We did get
> about a quart and a half of beans when we pulled them. Will have them for dinner
> tomorrow. Oh yeah, that row is about 10 feet long so they are pretty prolific.
> Think I'll plant some more cukes there tomorrow so they can take advantage of
> the nitrogen fixed by the beans. (I inoculate all beans and peas that go into
> the garden) The vines had nice big nitrogen nodules on the roots so they went
> into the compost after being chopped up.
> Also picked about 5 ripe or nearly ripe tomatoes. Mostly Early Large Red with
> one Hungarian Paste. I think I'm gonna like these Hungarian Paste tomatoes, they
> are very large and meaty and taste very good. Picked a couple of dozen chiles,
> all Thai Hots and Lemon Drops off plants that wintered over. The other chiles
> are setting fruit now and the Bells have some ready to pick. Probably pick a
> couple of them tomorrow as the grandkids like to nosh on raw sweet peppers. My
> friend Sam gave me about a dozen sweet banana peppers so they will get cleaned
> and put out for chomping too.
> I fertilized everything with the deal that goes on the end of the hose and am
> looking forward to seeing a fresh bloom on the garden now. Still gotta mow the
> backyard, what there is left of it has some pretty tall grass now. Neighbor
> mowed the front yesterday as he was mowing his yard with the riding tractor.
> Talked to him and told him we appreciated his efforts but we liked to mow our
> own lawn and save the clippings. He understood that and said he wouldn't mow it
> again. Truly we just didn't want him to use that !@#$%^&* riding mower. The
> thing scalps our lawn, makes ruts that are visible from the street and is just a
> pain. I don't understand people who have riding mowers to mow a 75X150 city lot
> with a 2000 square foot home sitting on it. Sheesh, it only takes about 20
> minutes with our self-propelled K-gro special. Oh well, I still don't get to run
> the world my way.
> I'm off for a shower and a small bite to eat and then beddy bye. Life is good.
> George

Good morning, George,

Your tale of your neighbor riding his tractor mower reminds me of a tv commercial
that runs in Los Angeles, where someone so loves his riding mower, that he rides it
down the steps of his Brooklyn brownstone to mow a 5x5 patch of "lawn." Your tale
made me chuckle and think of that commercial.

Hope all is well with you heatlthwise:)