Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

penny x stamm (
Sat, 20 May 2000 23:11:43 -0400

George, not many people are instructed to lose 70 lbs -- I've
always pictured you as lean and strong.  Maybe you're
husky instead? From your almost daily descriptions of all the
veggies you eat, there does not seem to be much room for
the carbohydrates. Have you a passion for bread...? 

Three days of continuous drizzle (with an occasional small
thunderstorm) are taking their toll on my morale. I have so
much garden work to accomplish that it hurts...  There are two 
old azaleas to move to the "nursery", and a fushia azalea plus 
an orange one to plant in their places.  Three bright red Vulcan 
rhodies. Two mountain laurel "Yankee Doodle" (cherry red). 
Three hot pink azaleas and one Hino crimson. I have to return to
the nursery for a new brilliant red and white rhodie, and another
Vulcan, plus 3 more azaleas. And then we must start planting 
the space where we used the car to remove the 20 or so low
junipers which were sick -- if I can find them, I will bring home
low growing cotoneasters. 

I guess a lot of you don't recognize these names...?  They are
typical northeastern plants which can withstand 90 degrees in
the summer, and minus 10 degrees in the winter. If I ever get 
my act together, we intend to get a proper scanner, and put the 
photos on the Web. 'Tis a far trip twixt the cup and the lip, however.

10 days ago, we boarded a plane at LaGuardia at noon for a 2 hr
flight to St.Louis, Mo.,  and arrived in 8 hours, due to the line of
horrendous storms in the way. After 6 hours of sitting in the plane
at a standstill, we headed south to Norfolk, Va., then west to
Atlanta, Ga., and up to St.Louis!  Yesterday my b-in-law left Florida
and had to fly northwest up to Cleveland, Ohio, to get back east to
New York, because of the same stormy conditions -- a 2-1/2 hr
flight which altogether started at noon, and landed at 7:30pm...
I am ready to put cotton in my ears, and resist all invitations to
travel, no matter how alluring! 

Penny, in gloomy New York (49 degrees) 

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