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Mon, 22 May 2000 15:20:53 -0400

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> Date: Monday, May 22, 2000 11:12 AM
> Penny, Hire a guy from an escort service to lift and plant. Would he be
> surprised! Might even be cheaper than hiring a yard man. Margaret L

lift and plant WHAT,  Margaret??!!

I don't know if it would be cheaper.


> >
> >While my hubby, Jim, was out at a computer meeting today, I
> >popped into the car and returned to the nursery where I had
> >bought all those other bushes last Thursday (which still are
> >sitting in the yard enjoying the non-stop drizzle.....)..   I KNEW
> >I would never be able to lift up the particular rhodie which I
> >had my heart set on (Consolini "windmill", cherry red and
> >white large flower tresses) so I commandeered a yard boy 
> >to come and fetch it.  Of course, he simply lifted it up and
> >stuck it on his shoulder -- and was I jealous!  Then I did a
> >very naughty thing:  I broke a promise to myself that I would
> >never again buy another rhodie 'purple gem' (looks like a
> >blue-flowered azalea) because  they are the devil to keep
> >alive...  but the price was right, and besides, buy 3, get one 
> >free was too much to resist. 
> >
> >So after a terrible struggle to get the big rhodie into the car, 
> >I took off for home. Now, if you've ever seen a funny scene 
> >before, this one took the cake. What that strong boy could 
> >hardly get into the car, little old lady me was determined to get 
> >OUT of the car, and before Jimmie could spot me....    How many 
> >blossoms did HE knock off..? And how many more did I...? Dunno..  
> >However, with a will of iron and the brain of an imbecile, I really 
> >did finally get that huge bush out and down, and then over a foot 
> >to the curb, and finally, up into the empty flower bed...Whew...!!  
> >I cannot actually lift it up off the ground, but I can rock the 
> >container, and sashay it over to where I want it.  I do have a 
> >wonderful hand truck which will help me get it over to the proper 
> >site, but the clincher is going to be getting that tub off the bottom, 
> >and then actually placing it in its hole.  I actually got the mailman
> >to help me once, and the garbage man another time, and I even 
> >got a neighbor's gardener to carry a big hollowed-out rock out 
> >of the car and down to the back wall for me -- but who's left..? 
> >Somehow I  cannot picture the United Parcel delivery man 
> >helping me plant a rhodie . . . .   We'll see... 
> >
> >Penny, NY
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