Re: [gardeners] My garden

penny x stamm (
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 03:11:18 -0400

David -- your photography is superb!  Not only are the 
pictures crystal clear, but you have captured the many
kinds of blue -- which I find extremely difficult to do! 

Eventually you must allow us to see a view of the house, 
so we can understand how the flowers are used..  

BTW, this cannot be Newark, New Jersey --?  I am only
a stone's throw from there, and our area flowers are
definitely NOT in bloom.... and our veggies are not
producing yet. Oh, except for radishes.  

On the subject of the baby birds, was the nest in a
low and vulnerable position? The only way I can
visualize their disappearance when newborn would
be from a cat, a giant condor perhaps...? or a 
neighborhood boy.  That's sad.

Very pleased to have had the opportunity to share your
family page! 

Penny, NY 

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