Re: [gardeners] My garden

David G. Smith (
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 05:59:17 -0400

> David -- your photography is superb!  Not only are the
> pictures crystal clear, but you have captured the many
> kinds of blue -- which I find extremely difficult to do!
Well thanks!  The pictures are from a digital camera, and I think it usually
reproduces color pretty accurately.  I'm familiar with the problem of blue
flowers coming out purple on film; sometimes blue flowers actually come out
bluer than they really are with the digital camera (like those geraniums.)

> Eventually you must allow us to see a view of the house,
> so we can understand how the flowers are used..
I'm not real happy with my gardening on the large scale.  Two or three years
ago I spent most of my effort on vegetables and was happy with ornamental
plants if they lived.  I'm trying to move things around and make them look
better -- it's getting there.  I'll show some of that next time.

> BTW, this cannot be Newark, New Jersey --?  I am only
> a stone's throw from there, and our area flowers are
> definitely NOT in bloom.... and our veggies are not
> producing yet. Oh, except for radishes.
Newark, Delaware -- I would have thought it would be about the same climate.

> On the subject of the baby birds, was the nest in a
> low and vulnerable position? The only way I can
> visualize their disappearance when newborn would
> be from a cat, a giant condor perhaps...? or a
> neighborhood boy.  That's sad.
It was in a shrub in the backyard, about four feet off the ground.  I was
hoping they had just left the nest!  We never see cats or other predators
(except our two little dogs) in the yard.


> Very pleased to have had the opportunity to share your
> family page!
> Penny, NY
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