Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

margaret lauterbach (
Sun, 04 Jun 2000 12:55:52 -0600

>The Hungarian Paste have such large tomatoes that one plant broke the
stake it
>was tied to. Had to drive in two new stakes and then retie the plant. I
>16 very large tomatoes on the plant. One green one that fell off while I was
>messing with the plant weighed 1.5 lbs and one of the largest ripe ones
>2.2 lbs. Thassa lotsa sauce mater. These things are so meaty that I love a
>tomato sandwich made out of them, little Miracle Whip free, little
lettuce, lots
>of tomato, little pepper, two very thin slices of bread. Chomp, chomp, gone.
>Sleepy even likes them.

IMO a slice of sweet onion would improve your sandwich. Are the big Texas
sweets ready yet?

>Do you can or freeze all the produce off your garden or pass it on to
>neighbors, etc. Curious minds want to know.
I used to can tomatoes, but I still have an abundant supply. I give away a
lot, and the rest I give to the Idaho Food Bank. We do freeze some.
>I'm only growing 6 varieties of chiles this year and thought that was a lot.
>Wanna know how to make hot sauce? <VBG>

Well, now that you mention it, yes. I have a ton of last year's chiles to
extract seeds from and pulverize for powder. I wear a light mask, and even
so, do a lot of coughing, etc. Have to work someplace that Chuck is not
expected to be. He's pretty sensitive. I have a huge variety of chile
seeds, some I'm re-growing to refresh the seeds. Have accumulated a lot
through Seed Savers' Exchange, and I also do a lot of seed swapping
internationally. How would you like seeds for an annato tree? 

>I don't care for the taste of kale but Miz Anne likes it. Her dad grew a
lot of
>it and an old Southern Maryland recipe calls for stuffing a ham with kale.
>Sounds like a waste of good ham to me. I'll see if she's got any recipes for
>kale when she gets back. Either that or I'll email my 4 sisters-in-law and
>what they have.
Please do. 

>I've been wanting to try growing leeks but just haven't done it yet. My
>excursion into shallots ended in no shallots so I'm a little concerned about
>leeks. I can grow "bunching" onions but not the kind that make a bulb.

George, you might have done better with the shallots had you had them to
plant in what passes for fall at your place. They need some cold. Chill, or
whatever you can manage.

>Well, better go back and water all the potted plants again and the stuff
in the
>front yard needs water too. I think I'm gonna buy some more soaker hose
and put
>it in the front flower beds. The ones I have in the back work really good. I
>have them just barely dripping and leave them on for two or three days, get a
>really good soak into the ground and no water on the leaves to burn. It's
>in the low eighties here this morning and I have already run through three
>shirts and six bandannas. A breeze has finally come up and I just finished
>mowing the back yard. I do love the smell of fresh mown grass, preferably if
>someone else mowed it.
>Lonesome George
I love my soaker hoses, but replaced most of them this year. I don't like
the way Chuck has laid them out in the tomato patch, and it doesn't work.
But I wasn't consulted on that. We have calcium carbonate that gums up the
works, as they say. Margaret L