[gardeners] know these tomatos?/saving seeds

Allen Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 4 Jun 2000 18:19:49 -0500

    Are any of you familiar with these varieties of tomatos?
Arkansas Traveler - heirloom variety
Bradley - heirloom variety?
Fireball - early variety
Floramerica VFFA Hybrid, U of Fla.-1978
Heatwave VFFA Hybrid
Sioux - heirloom variety from U of Neb.-1944
Solar Set VFF Hybrid U. of Fla.
Sun Chaser VFFA Hybrid
Sun Leaper VFF Hybrid, NC St.
Sunmaster VFFA Hybrid
    All of the above are supposed to keep producing in hot weather, or were
bred for hot weather production. Any description of your experiences growing
them, flavor, etc. would be appreciated.
    Any other hot weather tomatos that are known to the list members?
    Would someone please give me instructions on saving seeds from tomatos?
I know that it has been on the list in the past. I didn't pay much attention
to it at the time. I didn't figure on saving seeds. I'll take the 30 lashes
if I can get the information. (;-}
    I'm going to try some of the old varieties that my dad and I planted
years ago like Rutgers, Gulf States and Homestead. They were good producers
of tasty tomatos.
    Isn't the number of tomato varieties astonishing?
 Bastrop Co, SE Central TX
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