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margaret lauterbach (
Thu, 08 Jun 2000 13:20:21 -0600

At 12:50 AM 6/8/2000 EDT, you wrote:
><< Mary-Anne, I'm interested in the names of your 37 varieties. I cut way
>this year and am only growing 36 instead of 70. I hope the increased air
>circulation will mean fewer whiteflies...Margaret L
> >>
>That's interesting as I crowded them this year and I am noticing some white 
>flies, but also on the plants that are totally by themselves as well.
>This years list:
>Cherry types:
>Sugar Smack
>Green Grape
>Red Pear
>Sweet 100's*
>Yellow Pear*
>Gardener's Delight*-
>Snow White
>Red Sweetie
>Sundrop Orange
>Rainbow Cherry
>Cherokee Purple*
>Black Krim*
>Green Zebra*
>Mister Stripey*
>Old German
>Mortgage Lifter
>Big Rainbow
>Golden Brandywine*
>Aunt Ruby's German Green
>Striped German
>Byron's Brandywine*
>Super Fantastic
>Noir de Crimee
>Pomodoro Cour de Bue*
>F2 Damayanti*
>Sanzana Hybrid*
>Amish Paste*
>Black Plum
>Black Brandywine
>* means I have grown them before. 
> I still haven't forgotten I own you seeds.  I finally am not commuting 4 to 
>5 hours 6 days a week as yesterday was the last day in that position.  We
>being acquired!  Now I hope to find a position close to home and my garden!!!
I've grown many of these varieties and even like some of them. I'm
especially interested in what you think of Noir de Crimee. Is the gel
brown? (I know you won't know for some time, but when you report, let me
know. What's Byron's Brandywine?  Have you ever grown Schimmeig Creg? I
think it was developed by the guy who developed green grape and green
zebra. I've heard it's wonderful (and red, I think). Developer is from
Bakersfield, so there may be more of a chance it will do well in the West
for us. Margaret L