Re: [gardeners] buddleia needs help (
Thu, 08 Jun 2000 11:39:27 -0600

At 10:44 AM 6/7/00 -0600, you wrote:
Mine did fine. I've been cutting them back to about 6 inches above ground,
>but this spring did not. They're in a slightly shady spot, and haven't
>grown as tall as they should. I let them go this spring, the tallest about
>4 feet, but next spring we'll cut them back again. Flora had a going out of
>business sale when they had such cheap prices. Then they changed their
>minds and were open for business the next spring. I think this year is when
>they decided to wholesale only. Sterling is going out of retail business
>this month, or so I've been told by employees. Hope you didn't have severe
>health problems keeping you from gardening for two years. Regards, Margaret

Yes, that is why the lapse in gardening, but I'm fantabulous now.  I
haven't cut mine back since the first spring  after I planted it.  It also
was in too much shade which was the reason for the move.  I read on a web
site (Plant Delights?) that they're supposed to bloom all summer, and mine
never has.  The transplant looked better this am, but got really droopy
again even though the sun hasn't been out.  Luckily it cooled off today and
is supposed to stay that way the rest of the week and weekend.

I went to Hillside this am and bought 2 hostas and 2 hardy geraniums at 30%
off.  Then to Sterling where I bought a couple perennials.  The lady there
said they'll have a 25% off sale starting next Fri. the 16th.  I can't find
the hostas I want around here, but found a huge number of different
varieties at Plant Delights web site.  Has anyone ordered from them, and
how were they?  I like alot of the blue hostas, but don't have any idea if
they'd clash with the green ones and variegated ones.  Any opinions? 

Thanks everyone for the help with the buddleia.  I think it has a fighting
chance.  Now, anyone know where I left my little hand trowel?