Re: [gardeners] Holly tree in SoCal?

Sherryl Fawx (
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 08:46:36 -0700

I'd say so.  I have a holly tree and a holly-leaved laurel, both around 15
ft. (that's a wild guess, they may be taller).  The house was built in
1952, and the original landscaping has sort of out-grown the (tiny) yard
since then.  In addition to the hollies, we found two orange trees (and 2
large stumps left in the lawn), a Magnolia grandifolia, a Carolina cherry
laurel, a Pittosporum tobira (now a tree), several shiny xylosmas (also
trees), and a Nandina domestica forest.  Nice plants, but they would look a
lot better in a larger yard.

Sherryl, not very good at thinning, either
Northern Calif., zone 9b  (HOT)

At 10:59 PM 06/10/2000 -0700, Carol wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>I have a slightly odd question for you.. is it possible to have a 40'
>high holly tree in Southern California?  The garden sites I checked talk
>about it as a southeastern tree, but say nothing about it as a
>southwestern tree.