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Well, you might want to see if you can find a product called Thorocrete...we
used this in one of the subsequent years to fill a crack that appeared
between the first and second level and I think it's also used as a's the same colour as concrete when dry...:)

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I've got in an area unaccessable to the birds at the moment with water in
May try to acidize the new concrete as you suggested. I was really looking
for a
way to keep the water from continuously seeping into the concrete. Thanks.


Donna Dawson wrote:
> Hi George...when we put our concrete pond in 9 years ago...all we did when
> the concrete had dried and cured was wash it out with a combination of
> vinegar and water...did this a few times initially, but have done nothing
> since...never painted it, just left it the concrete way...and you did get
> bargain!
> Donna
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> Just got a concrete birdbath from a friends son. The son works at a
> place that makes steps, curb stops, etc. He told me they had a large
> birdbath
> and I could get one for 40 bux. Since even the little ones around here are
> nearly that much I told him yeah and gave him the money. He delivered it
> this
> afternoon. Took 4 of us just to get the base out of his truck, figured the
> base
> weighs about 150 lbs. It is 14 inches in diameter at the base tapering to
> inches at the top and has a fluted design. The bowl is 32 inches across
> at
> the water line and another 4 inches past that. I do believe I got my
> worth out of this thing.
> Anyone know of a non-toxic concrete paint that I can use to coat the bath
> part?
> George