Re: [gardeners] Apricot thieves!

Ron Hay (
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 08:03:03 -0700

Hello, Alice,

I purchased the pole at Home Depot a couple of years ago. Kinda looks like a
lightbulb installer, with one side open with which to grasp the fruit. I think
it ran me about 20 bucks.

Thanks for your note.


"Seyfried,Alice" wrote:

> Fruit picking pole??  Please pardon my ignorance - but is this a homemade
> contraption or something one purchases?  I have a very large pear tree and
> we've never been able to harvest the pears at the top (or in the middle, for
> that matter).  This sounds like something that would solve my problem.
> I'm sorry I don't have any advice for your squirrel problem.
> Thank you!
> Alice (
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> Subject: [gardeners] Apricot thieves!
> Help! This is the first year we have had any signifucant number of
> apricots on our tree, and all of a sudden, as they ripen, predators
> strike at the crack of dawn. They may be birds, although I rather
> suspect they are squirrels, since some of the pits are gnawed a bit, and
> there are no real peck marks on the interior of the fruits.
> Any suggestions?
> I am about to go out with my fruit picking pole to harvest whatever I
> can, to let the fruit ripen in the house.
> Ron