Re: [gardeners] Apricot thieves!

Ron Hay (
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:17:01 -0700

Hello, Seana,

The snake appears to be working. When I popped in at home from the office this
afternoon, there were entire ripe apricots lying on the ground at the base of
the tree, which I rescued and brought into the house. My wife has been on a
business trip to San Francisco, and will be delighted to find some of her
favorite fruit, whole and ripe, which she can enjoy with breakfast tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing your story of the rascally varmints!


Seana Ames wrote:

> Ron,  I am so sorry!  I can imagine your disapointment.  I have been
> following the saga of THE APRICOT THEIVES!  Your story brought back Easter
> memories.   Our first Easter in CO., I was "woken by the kids" only to find
> that THE SQUIRRELS had absonded with the candy from the plastic eggs & eaten
> our beautifully decorated, hard boiled eggs, too! (The Hogs!)  I was
> somewhat dismayed, having taken the trouble to be out at o'dark thirty to
> play Easter Bunny & then sneaking back to bed before the kids woke.  It was
> such a beautiful spring day with the sun shining throught the trees & all
> the bulbs up & blooming.  I had artistically hidden the eggs, mapping them &
> color cordinating them, of course, among the flowers, so they would be hard
> to find.  All we found were a few wrappers, plastic shells & colored egg
> shell bits.  I was imagining squirrel dinner for Easter at that point but
> now I laugh about it.  We knew not to let the dogs out there alone but had
> never lived where there were squirrels before.  I hope your Snake is Big &
> Bad & scares them away - whatever THEY are!  Good luck!
> Seana
>  > Ron Hay wrote:
>  > >
>  > > Help! This is the first year we have had any signifucant number of
>  > > apricots on our tree, and all of a sudden, as they ripen, predators
>  > > strike at the crack of dawn. They may be birds, although I rather
>  > > suspect they are squirrels, since some of the pits are gnawed a bit,
> and
>  > > there are no real peck marks on the interior of the fruits.
>  > >
>  > > Any suggestions?
>  > >
>  > > I am about to go out with my fruit picking pole to harvest whatever I
>  > > can, to let the fruit ripen in the house.
>  > >
>  > > Ron
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